Brand Strategist

to subject matter experts

Brand Strategist

to subject matter experts

Hi, I’m Shelley.

I’m a brand strategist and I teach subject matter experts to transform their expertise into a momentum-building brand machine.

I’m an ocean-loving South African, who lives in the middle of England.

My friends know me to always be on time and organised (within an inch of my life). My husband says I freakishly pick up on human emotion, even when there are no obvious signs.

My tween would swap me in a heartbeat for a Mum who doesn’t leave embarrassing love notes in her packed lunch.

Shelley Rostlund

I’ve been where you are.

I help answer the questions that pick at your brain in the middle of the night.

I’ve had to translate my expertise-based value into something that can be explained, demonstrated, marketed and sold.

I have gone through the agony of trying to explain what I want then have a freelancer just not deliver what I expected.

What you find an extraordinary challenge, is my genius zone.

With 15 years of experience working with 150+ brands, across 30+ industries, I’m confident I have the perspective and context you’re seeking.

Connecting unseen dots is my superpower

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I want to work with geniuses

Is your real genius eluding you? Hiding under a bushel somewhere perhaps?

Does some of your frustration stem from the feeling that you're not able to articulate what you want and the way you want it?

You’ve listened to dozens of ‘experts’ and tried many different things - spending more money than you'd like to admit.

And yet…you are still no further forward.

Sound familiar?

My guess is that you're craving focus and someone to tell you (straight up) that what you are doing is right. Momentum is seriously lacking - after all the work you have put in so far.

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It's time to build your brand system.

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You're streets ahead of your time with your ideas, Shelley. I highly recommend you as a partner for a business who is looking to stand out from the crowd.

Barbara Hodgson, Entrepreneur

Shelley is highly strategic, fantastic at seeing the bigger picture, has a mind-blowing understanding of digital marketing platforms, and gets results for her clients.

Samantha Pilling, Entrepreneur

Working with Shelley is a thoroughly enjoyable experience, as she combines her expert knowledge with her infectious enthusiasm. She also brings a sense of fun & common sense, which for me really are essential ingredients for a successful learning experience!

Flo Van Dieman Van Thor, Entrepreneur

I can totally recommend Shelley for her skills in listening, asking challenging questions, playing devil’s advocate & then just smashing it in terms of producing ideas & a strategic framework for you to follow. Finally, I feel like I have the focus I was needing, & an actionable plan to achieve my marketing goals.

David Ventura, Entrepreneur

Shelley Rostlund | Brand Strategist

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