Work direct with me.


Work direct with me.

Want my undivided attention?

Each year I work with a handful of brands in a one-to-one capacity.

I get so much joy from doing my group programme that I spend much of my time doing that.

However, I do consider the more personalised consulting work if an interesting project presents itself.

I have a couple ways you could work with me, choose the one that best suits your needs.

Icon - Clarity Call

Clarity Call

A focussed call to pay attention to ONE specific burning question, idea or challenge you have. You'll have some prep work to do beforehand. I follow-up after the call with extra advice, tips and recommendations.

The call is held over Zoom and you'll receive a recording of the call.

Price: £395 (paid upfront)
Time investment: 90 mins (full call time)

Icon - Brand Compass VIP Intensive

V-I-P Intensive

This is a personalised, accelerated V-I-P experience with me. You and I work together on the top level direction you need to impact empowering change around your Vision, Voice or Value. We clarify your focus in our planning call.

Price starts from: £2,450
Time investment: Info & structure provided on application

Icon - Special Projects

Special Projects

I am a curious sort and enjoy flexing my brain on one-off projects that draw on my specialist knowledge. If you have a project that involves brand, digital marketing, product positioning or a strategic big picture view, then do reach out. Let’s talk.

Price: £TBC
Time investment: TBC

The truth about picking brains...

If I had a £ for every time someone wanted to take me to lunch to pick my brains...well I'd be rich (and fat).

I want to be upfront with you. I'm not keen.

It's taken me thousands of pounds investing in courses, qualifications, experiments and conferences to gain my knowledge.

Plus innumerable hours spent on books, podcasts and conversing with specialists to question things and form my views.

And then there's running my own agency for 13+ years.

So, unless you are Ken Blanchard...lunch is not happening.

I am always open to a conversation though, so book a time in the diary.

Kind words from friends & clients

Shelley's knowledge and skills are outstanding and her personable adaptable nature means she can be very flexible and tailor her advice to dovetail with your needs.

Crispin Zeeman, Head of Brand Communications

It's not often that people come along that are blessed with the stellar skills Shelley has and still be the most generous and giving person as she is. Her work philosophies are those that inspire and empower. Shelley will always be the best investment a business can ever make.

Wayne Harper, Operations & Supply Chain Specialist

Want me to guest on your show?

I absolutely love a good, meaty discussion. I am pretty comfortable with being on camera (live or pre-recorded).

I am open to being approached about doing a guest blog post, podcast episode or video show, as long as it fits with my values, my audience and, of course, my area of expertise.

If you are interested in inviting me to join you in a discussion or to collaborate on a piece of content, please have a little look at my passion subjects below.

#  The art of strategic conversations and asking the right questions.

#  Building your brand to be a SYSTEM.

#  Using Brand Archetypes as a framework to craft your brand personality.

#  How loyalty and meaning are intrinsic to the longevity of your customer relationship.

#  Brand experience - matching your customer journey touch points with your experience traits.

#  Building a product ecosystem that leverages your time better, and provides more profitability.


Feel free to book a 121 project conversation to talk about your opportunity. (You'll get a few prompter questions to give me heads up about what you want to talk about.)

Shelley Rostlund, Brand Strategist | Consultancy

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