A Group Programme

For Micro Business Entrepreneurs

A Group Programme

For Micro Business Entrepreneurs

Shared experience. Find your tribe.

A 16-week group intensive for service-based micro-businesses (have 1 to 10 people in the business).

Boost your business acumen by sharpening your offer and designing a product eco-system which leverages your time better and bakes in scale-ability.

Gain clarity on your purpose and put the structures in place, step-by-step to connect your day-to-day activity to your broader, tantalising vision.

Curious? Excited? Excellent...read on.

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New Term Coming 25Sept 2023

I am now welcoming a new cohort of wonderful professionals to join the new term starting 25 September 2023. EARLY BIRD SEATS are now available.

I'm personally inviting you to tap into the success principles my clients are using to design a robust business structure which sharpens their focus on how to value their time, design irresistible offers, attract win-win opportunities and delegate better.

Tailored advice to your uniqueness

Being an entrepreneur is a lonely place. Finding creative solutions or gaining relevant feedback you are desperate for, is rare. (Your mother does not count)

For micro-businesses…this loneliness is amplified. Your time and resources are vastly limited, compared to other small businesses.

I designed this programme specifically with service-based, micro-businesses in mind. All my help, teaching and advice is nuanced to your unique aches and challenges.

Let's get to work on designing your momentum-building brand machine.

Build a system, to build momentum

The rhythm and flow of your business is defined by the multitude of micro decisions you make each day. The cadence, if you will, of your brand.

Designing your brand to be a smart, momentum-building machine means crafting a system. One with a clear purpose, value driven offer and a well thought-out method of messaging.

This is really about building a robust business structure that helps you to deliver what you want.

Reduce overwhelm. Obliterate underwhelm.

Is FRUSTRATION a bitter pill you swallow most days? You want something “better”, with no idea what that actually looks and feels like.

The plethora of free 'expert' advice on the net, and 'quick' courses to try to figure this puzzle out...are just not cutting it.

Quite frankly, it’s exhausting. How are you to know what to focus on, what’s relevant and what’s just noise or generic, bumbled advice? I get it.

Let's quieten everything down to focus on you and your brand.

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Trust me to guide you

As a business consultant by trade, a creative at heart and a lateral marketing thinker by nature, I'm the perfect hybrid to lead you through this forest.

Your business is one big system. One with a purpose, elements and inter-relationships which create what is uniquely yours.

I've worked with 150+ subject matter experts across 30+ different industries. I know I can help you crack your "uniqueness code".

The code that releases the pressure of the irrelevant noise, giving you clarity and instantly reducing overwhelm.

Together we’ll transform the knowledge locked in your head, into marketable value which you can sell with ease.

What’s so special about my approach?

I take big business principles, break them down and teach them in terms that make sense to micro-businesses.

My proprietary framework has been crafted after a decade of working with entrepreneurs and seeing the invisible dots that connect their passion with marketable business sense.

I'm NOT one for "rolling the dice" to see how things pan out.

I AM an advocate of crafting smart systems that help you to operate leaner, serve your customers better and fulfil your WHY.

My methodology gives you structure and focusses your attention on the elements that will reap the most reward for the long term.

Join me for the next cohort, starting 25 September 2023.

The Curriculum Covers...

    Clearly articulate your vision and purpose, so you're understood quicker; can delegate faster; and attract the right strategic partners.
    Putting the human into your brand to attract and subliminally connect with your ideal customers with little effort.
    Your market context, offer definition and differentiating your brand with meaning to express your value fast.
    Standardise how you will consistently express your brand to secure, instil and retain customer confidence, credibility and trust.
    Clarify your business objectives and create valid marketing objectives to keep activity focussed, monitor progress and measure success.
    Discover the four types of avatars who represent your customers, growth partners and even team members.
    Work on being clear and consistent in how you say key things things about you, your brand and your products.
    The practical plans to properly take your brand strategy to market. They highlight your 'to-do' priorities - to go to market with confidence.

Thoughtful Curation of Knowledge

This is a thoughtful curation of everything you need to be smarter, sharper and finally feel like you are growing a brand that makes you tingle with joy.

I have layered the learning and decision-making in the order you need to do this work right. You don't get that in free advice or low-level business or marketing courses.

You will have ample creative space to refresh how you want your business to look and most importantly sharpen your brand positioning to help you achieve it.


Pencil container draft

Gain Practical Business Acumen

By the end of this programme you will have:

  • Crucial business fundamentals locked in place (to thrive in a post-pandemic world)
  • A robust business structure delivering what you want now, and into the future
  • Working knowledge of branding, marketing and product positioning
  • Solidified your uniqueness (to stand out in a busy marketplace and newsfeed)
  • Systems and processes to streamline workflow, save time and delegate better

...you will also feel the tangible difference in your ability to:

  • Confidently (and excitedly) sell yourself and your brand, with ease
  • Understand your marketing math (make confident number decisions)
  • Stop selling what people aren't buying (save energy)
  • Focus on creating products than mean more profit with less effort
  • Value what you bring to the table and charge appropriately

No more rolling of the dice for you. You'll have a concrete plan.

What you get to create...

When you graduate from this programme as a confident brand owner, you will have the following to guide and direct you into the future:

A set of powerful business assets...

A Brand Compass

An 8-page illustrated guide that fully details all your visual and verbal brand standards. This acts as a decision-making and delegation tool for you and your team.

Story Bible

A go-to resource for your own entrepreneurial story which, as you grow, you'll have to share in various formats for different mediums and audiences.

Ready-to-go Messaging

Your raft of clear key messages that you will use across web, social, PR and email, at any time. (Based on your USPs, products, expertise and brand promise.)

Detailed Dream Customer Profile

A personalised 'go-to' profile of your dream customer, helping you to attract the right customers by speaking their language, solving their pains and shaping your solution.

Audience Definition

You will identify exactly who your four types of avatars are, so you can find your ideal growth partners, advocates and team members faster.

Brand Experience Matrix

A personalised customer touchpoint roadmap which helps you design an engaging brand experience.

Value Ladder

Your mapped product ecosystem which reduces confusion for prospective customers and gives you a narrowed focus for selling.

Content plan

Planned content Themes, Topics and Titles to feed your content creation efforts, in line with your business objectives and still speaking to your dream customers.

Marketing Plan

Your high-level plan which maps out which channels you will use to market your products/services to best support your business objectives.

Tactical Plan

This is your 'on-the-ground' guide for to guide you where to focus your day-to-day activity.

Plus...you get extra business support by way of:

7 x Live Group Coaching Calls with me

These are pre-scheduled group calls with me to help answer any questions you have on your work. (You are not alone in this!)


These are pre-scheduled Live calls where I invite talented friends to join me on screen to share a deep dive on topics you are working on. (Extra value advice and guidance!)

Like-minded Peer Group

Your own community of peers who speak the same language as you, will “get” what you are wanting to achieve and are cheering you on.

And, to make you an extra sparkly, smart business owner:

BONUS: 5 x Edu-Videos (Business advice)

You’ll get direct advice on how to approach certain concepts or decisions, which I normally only share with consultancy clients.

BONUS: 13 x Quick Ref Cheatsheets

Where I share some GOLDEN advice on how to do something, I've designed quick-reference PDFs, so you don't have to "go find" the buried information in future.


I’ve created 3 specific video lessons to support your knowledge on how to qualify, manage and store information.


We are offering lifetime access so you can keep referring back to all the learning, templates, videos and extra resources for as long as you can click on a keyboard.

Ready to join me?

Elephant in the room

Let's talk about the elephant in the room: ACCOUNTABILITY.

You are spread thin. Balancing running your business with having a life. 

It's a constant battle, moving one marble from one spot to another, then back again. I hear you. I have that particular T-shirt.

Life does get in the way at times. The reality is: you will have to say NO to some things, and you'll need help to stay on track and committed.

I'm ready to do my part in that. This is what I have done to shape this sensibly, keep it powerful and build in safety zones for your sanity:

Two well-timed term breaks between the working 16-weeks

Working pace timeline to track your progress

Live group coaching calls to answer your questions

Guest experts to provide bonus insights

Bonus module with advice on systems and processes

'What's next' commitment call (end of programme)

Progress call (30 days after programme)

Want to level-up your accountability?

You may want just a bit more accountability and encouragement. No problem, I have two further opportunities which you may like:

1. Exclusive, Limited Hot-Seat Sessions

Five 2-hour small-group Zoom sessions, over the 16-weeks, designed to give you a specific time to get direct input from me, in each session. Dates are provided ahead of time. This is an optional upgrade for £450 (VAT incl) per person. (Only 6 seats available).

Requirements:  Complete the work assigned before each session. Prepare your question for me before the date.

2. One-day Bootcamp (post programme completion)

Work live (online) together, as a group, on Module 8 (Marketing Execution). Occurs within a week of the end of the programme. I stay with you all day – ready to help and answer questions. This is an extra £195 (VAT incl) per person. (You'll be invited to book in week 12 and its open to all participants).

What previous participants have said...

Laurie Knight


Shelley has gone deep in this programme, and rightly so. I can honestly feel the tangible difference in doing this work properly, after having bought superficial courses in the past. The time required is absolutely worth it.

Laurie Knight

Business Support Services

Michelle Riches


What’s special is that this process starts from a personal point of YOU getting to know yourself, valuing what you have to give and identifying the bits you need help on - so you are a robust, happy and excited entrepreneur.

Michelle Riches

Registered Homeopath

Claire Short


This makes your life easier and your client’s journey smoother. It’s worth investing the time - the leadership you get from Shelley is worth it's weight in gold. She knows where she’s taking you, and redirects you if you stray.

Claire Short

Osteopath & CPD Trainer

What's your investment?

I've designed this programme so you can continue to run your business, and come out the other end with the resources, knowledge and know-how to hit the ground running.

Your first investment is time. I'm not going to lie.

You will HAVE to say NO to some thing, in order to make space for this work. (At least 5 hours per week). I will need your full attention and commitment. It’s not fair to your fellow cohort if you don’t.

This is transformative, business development work. It is guaranteed to shift how you feel about your business. You will make instant changes while on the programme.

This will not only save you immeasurable time in future...it’ll stop you wasting time, right now.

Time 16 Weeks

Money £1200

Now, let’s talk money.

How much have you spent over the years on marketing activity? Lets see...

Trying things out, 'just to see’ - £5,500?
Ad campaigns with no real return? £8,000?
Leaflet campaign with no response? £6,000?
New website design you had to have? £5,000?
VAs giving you what you want, not what you need? £350pm?
A video project you haven’t done anything with yet? £4,000?
Cheap branding course that promised the world? £97?

At my count, that's sitting at just under £30,000 and you're still no further forward.

With my help you can put an end to rolling the dice.

Ordinarily your investment would be £1200 (incl VAT), however, you can secure your seat at a discounted price today, of £900 (incl VAT). That's a £300 saving!

Commitment Options

By booking now, you can secure 25% off the full programme price.

You can choose to pay in one of two secure ways:

ICON - Brand Compass (1 Payment in full)

1 x £1,200 (Incl VAT)

1 x £900 (Incl VAT)

ICON - Brand Compass (3 split payments)

3 x £450.00 (Incl VAT)

3 x £337.50 (Incl VAT)

(I offer a discount to thank you for choosing the single payment option. Prices include 20% VAT for UK-based businesses.)

I have a 100% Money Back Guarantee to give you further confidence in choosing to do this work with me. (Terms apply).

The risk versus the reward...

What's the risk of not doing this work?

My guess is that you will be fine.

However, you may continue to: spend money where possibly you shouldn't, sell something you probably shouldn’t, and still struggle with articulating what you want in order to delegate tasks to outsourced providers (or your team).

The risk is: you will still be treading water this time next year.

What's the opportunity of doing this work?

You will finally have clarity.

Indecisiveness and overwhelm will be a thing of the past. Hooray! Your vision becomes a reality: you are energised and excited about the work you are doing.

This time next year, you will have a flourishing team, attractive profit line and a growing, sparkling brand you're proud of.

Want to Level Up Your Transformation?

Shelley Rostlund, Brand Strategist | Consultancy

Work direct with me

Doing the Brand Compass™ work in a group is transformational, however, if you're interested in a more personalised, accelerated experience - you can choose to do a VIP Intensive with me. You and I work together, on the top level direction you need to impact empowering change. We focus on your Vision, Voice and Value.

IDEAL FOR: Fast-growing brand owners, keen to inject strategic clarity into their brand strategy, hone their product ecosystem and create a legacy. Investment level starts at £5,450.

Have a question? I have the answers.

Money Back Guarantee
Secure Payment
Lifetime Access
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