Me, on a budget


Me, on a budget

Some just need to know

As an entrepreneur, you wear many hats. Sometimes it's hard to know which bits of information you need, or are missing.

I have noticed over the years, that there are some simple business basics that many entrepreneurs skip.

These are crucial to making decisions about where you spend your time, money and energy (especially on marketing).

I've created a small library of crucial, bitesize learning which I think is knowledge that every business owner and indeed brand builder needs to have.

If you do invest in the Brand Compass programme all of this is included in the work you do with me. However if that programme is outside of your budget right now, have a look at the training below which will help in the meantime.

Sharpen your saw. Build your knowledge superpower.

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My library of masterclasses
& short courses

My mini course which is all about giving you the tools and ability to take what you know about your customers and products, and translate that into endless content for your digital marketing strategy.

Price: £200
Time investment: 6 hours

Lesson focussed on the numbers that are important for business owners. I cover: Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV), Cost per Acquisition (CPA) and setting the right financial business objectives for your digital marketing strategy.

Price: £45
Time investment: 90 Mins

Lesson giving you an insight into the differences in the areas of marketing and how they all work together.

This helps you in delegating the right tasks to the right people and to have a clearer insight into what skills you really need.

Price: £45
Time investment: 90 Mins

Lesson that lays out what you can use to measure the success of your activity across your digital marketing. Vanity metrics are rife and are dangerous to base decisions on. Learn how to set and monitor realistic measures (that endure algorithm changes).

Price: £45
Time investment: 90 Mins

I also have free resources for you to dip into...

Ready to truly invest in your business?

Group Programme - The Brand Compass

Work with peers

My 16-week group intensive for service-based micro-businesses (who have 1 to 10 people in their business).

Boost your business acumen by sharpening your offer and designing a product eco-system which leverages your time better and bakes in scale-ability.

Gain clarity on your purpose and put the structures in place, step-by-step to connect your day-to-day activity to your broader, tantalising vision.

I had the pleasure of benefitting from Shelley's extensive knowledge and expertise in a two-day bespoke training event. These are one of the few sessions I've experienced in my career that has stayed with me, and has really benefitted my business. Shelley's training is the gift that keeps on giving! Highly recommended.

Fiona Price
Business Professional

I had the pleasure of attending Shelley's workshop on Social Media for the Chartered Institute of Marketing. She is a great trainer with insightful knowledge which she delivers in a truly engaging manner.

Dharmini Mistry
Marketing Professional

Shelley Rostlund, Brand Strategist | Masterclasses

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