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Strengths are the Secret to your Marketable Value

Sep 16, 2022 | Products

What comes easiest to you, is your highest value

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This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

We discuss the challenge that many people struggle with, when they jump the employment ship: who am I (if I’m not doing ‘this’ job?); and what do I know that makes me valuable to others?

And to help me unpack this topic, I invited Alison O’Leary to join me. Ali is a Career Coach specialising in career change to facilitate life change. (You can find out more about her in my more detailed bio for her below).


In this episode we unpack:

  • How do you go about finding out what your strengths actually are?
  • Are there red flags to know about, when you are giving your value away?
  • How do you translate the ‘intangible’ into marketable value?

Also, hear how Alison approached starting her micro business

I asked Ali to share with us what advice she would give her younger self for when she first started her own micro business back in 2014. She gave us her top three bits of advice she would love to have given her earlier self to reduce the overwhelm of starting out.


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A bit more about Alison O’Leary 

EP002 - Alison O Leary, Live True Coaching

Ali hails from an impressive corporate background working for over 20 years in London in the Communications and Marcoms industries.

Today she runs her own business, working as a certified life and career coach, specialising in career change to facilitate life change. She is an ‘Ideal Life’ advocate and the designer of the Work Wonderland™ process, her own proprietary way of helping people to place their unique strengths, gifts and passions at the heart of their decision-making and planning.

She works, in the main, with individuals looking to shift their working lives on to a new path, yet to be discovered.

Find out more about her on her website at livetrue.co.uk, connect with her on LinkedIn or join her community on Instagram.


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