EP004 - David Ventura

Create Planned Lulls in Your Brand Experience

Oct 14, 2022 | Experience

Brand experiences involve ebbs and flows

I know your time is valuable. These show notes give you the gist of the episode, what is covered, any links or resources talked about in the show, and also gives you a few ways to listen or watch the episode.


This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

David and I chat about how you can learn a little something from working in a holiday park as a DJ, as David did – many moons ago. Well, it’s more than that – however David learnt some tricks of that trade which he has naturally built into the work he does today.

David is a key account management specialist – so he spends an inordinate amount of time teaching his clients about being thoughtful about their customer journey and working hard on building partnership-led relationships that bring about win-win opportunities. (You can find out more about him in my more detailed bio for him below).


In this episode we touch on aspects around your Brand Experience, like:

  • How to identify those significant (or remarkable or important) moments in your customer’s journey (to help you to work on in your brand experience)
  • The fact that there should be planned lulls between those moments (but you need to manage them…so that they don’t become ways to ‘lose’ your client’s attention)
  • How to learn to manage the fuller journey of ebbs and flows with feedback and interaction


Also, hear what David would go back in time and tell his early self about starting to work for himself.

I enjoyed this! David has three great bits of advice or wise words that he would have given his 2011 self, to help him into the future. It revolves around:

  • valuing time better,
  • focussing on what energises you, and
  • a tid-bit about setting a personal reward!

If you want to understand a bit more about Brand Experience – feel free to read my article called: ‘Brand Experience – A Full Sensory Experience.’


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A bit more about David Ventura 

EP004 - David Ventura David is an author and consultant specialising in Key Account Management and is a psycho-dynamic executive coach supporting driven chief execs seeking to enhance their personal and commercial relationships.

He has worked across telecoms, security and hospitality sectors and is especially fond of his time spent in the entertainment industry. He spends his time sharing the virtues of building profitable partnership-based relationships through active listening, flexible thinking and planning key emotive moments into experience journeys.

David is married to Sasha, and has two gorgeous sons keeping him out of trouble at home.

Find out more about him on his website at kamguru.com, or connect direct with him on LinkedIn (let him know you listened to him on this podcast – so you are not a weird stalker!)

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