[PODCAST] EP 006 – Shelley Rostlund & Tracey Powiesnik

Bringing a newly invented physical product to market

Nov 11, 2022 | Products

Bringing a product to market is very different

I know your time is valuable. These show notes give you the gist of the episode, what is covered, any links or resources talked about in the show, and also gives you a few ways to listen or watch the episode.

This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

Tracey and I had a great chinwag all about her baby: the “No Fuss Fill”, something that she designed and created to help her solve a problem at home (because she couldn’t find anything on the market).

She openly shares what it was like to create this business which was a complete 180 degree turn on what she was used to doing as a trainer and consultant.


In this episode we touch on:

  • The transferable skills that Tracey felt held her in good stead to support starting a product-based business. (From running a service-based business in the past)
  • What she had to learn about FAST when it came to designing, manufacturing and bringing a product to market.
  • What she’s learnt now – that she would do differently and is doing differently now with her consequential products she has developed to work with her initial innovative product.
  • Difference between going to a B2C market vs going to big retail (like: packaging, delivery, barcodes, etc)
  • What feedback loops are needed with product development and going to market
  • How planning a timeline for a launch is highly important
  • How her audience became more global and started to ask for her products around the world.

So, if you’ve always wondered what would be like to create and/or sell a product instead of running a service business (or alongside a service business) – this is the episode for you.

The events we mentioned in the episode where Tracey does try to exhibit and hang out are:


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EP006 - Tracey Powiesnik, No Fuss FilllA bit more about Tracey

Tracey Powiesnik hails from a background running her L&D consultancy and training business working with individuals and teams from businesses in the hospitality, education and professional institutions. Her specialism is using emotional intelligence frameworks to drive engagement and maximise performance.

In 2019, she designed an innovative new pet product called the No Fuss Fill, which has led to her focussing much of her time to her pet business which is gaining traction fast, and has picked up both industry and entrepreneurship awards.

Tracey is married to Charles, has three adult children and two grandchildren.

Find out more about her on her website at nofussfill.com, or join her very active community on Instagram (let her know you listened to her on this podcast).


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