[PODCAST] EP 008 – Shelley Rostlund | Brand Strategist

Do you need to change your brand name?

Dec 9, 2022 | Brand

Your reputation and value is wrapped up in your name

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This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

Naming your brand or designing a brand identity for your business to operate under, is something that comes up at a few different times in your business journey – the most obvious ones being:

  • when you first start-up
  • when you grow or diversify
  • when and if you pivot (completely change what you are doing)

It may be that when you first started your business, you were really interested in separating yourself from your business and creating an identify that almost gave you a name to “hide” behind.

Then potentially you’ve gotten a couple years down the line and you’re at a point where you’ve got to almost decide what it is that you’re wanting for the future. And sometimes, that might mean looking at your brand name because it almost doesn’t fit with what you see your future being.


Highlights of what I talk about 

I use my franchise business consultancy background and the experience I have in working with my micro business clients to share the top four avenues which may well affect whether or not you change your name.

#1 The length of time you have been in business (timestamp: 03:17)

#2 Your brand architecture (timestamp: 04:04)

#3 Your desired future for the business (timestamp: 04:36)

#4 Change for change’s sake (timestamp: 07:45)


Have you been struggling with your brand name?

I have noticed that this subject is something that some business owners are struggling with right now. If this has been something chewing at your brain late at night – I hope this episode helped you to decide either way what the right move is for you.

I’d love to know if this conversation has made a difference for you, or if it just flared up more questions than answers for you. Drop me a DM, email or note – let me know.

Who do you know that wants to change their business name and you’ve not been sure how to help them with their decision. Maybe listening to this episode, might help them? Be a good friend – share it with them.


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