[PODCAST] EP 011– Shelley Rostlund

Avoid consultant speak to resonate with more people

Jan 20, 2023 | Experience

Do you catch yourself doing ‘consultant speak’?

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In this pod bite episode, I dig into this…

As subject matter experts, when we speak or communicate, we do this with lots of inherent knowledge and experience. Sometimes, we forget that not everyone is on the same, level playing field as us. And also I get that many subject matter experts will find it incredibly hard to breakdown or unpack their thoughts into much simpler sentences or concepts.

In this episode I walk through what I call “consultant speak” – so you can do a bit of a self-check to see if you are doing this…to the detriment of bringing people closer to you.

You see, if we communicate only as consultants might between themselves – we are talking way above our ideal prospect client’s heads and they are none the wiser as to whether you are the one they should be working with (or if you are the one to help them with their problem).



In this episode I unpack:

  • What ‘consultant speak’ is
  • How we can recognise when we are using it
  • What you can do to help yourself communicate simpler and clearer (I share a quick mental exercise that you can do before you communicate)

People are complex, meaning-making machines. You really have to break things down much simpler.

Now this is hard for me to admit – because I also do this, so you are not alone. I know that sometimes – you’ll feel that you have to say all the things that you do – otherwise, in your mind, the person won’t get how important every little step or bit or nugget is to the whole. But really – their brains cannot handle it.

Now, I’m speaking from both sides of the coin here: as a subject matter expert who has done the speaking or communicating, as well as being on the other side – trying to digest the information from other subject matter experts.

Let me know if this episode resonates with you at all? Have you caught yourself speaking “consultant” instead of “human”?

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