[PODCAST] EP024 – Shelley Rostlund

What does ‘future you’ want?

Jul 21, 2023 | Brand

Be kind to Future You, and be proactive TODAY 

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In this pod bite episode, I dig into…

A discussion that will hopefully spur you to really listen to the YOU of today, and see if anything has changed – from the you that started your business.

You see its important to keep recalibrating what you value and whether anything has shifted for you in terms of priorities of those values.



In this episode I prompt you to think about:

  • What you practically want your days to look like, going forward
  • How you want your earning to alter or shift (if at all)
  • If you want to rearrange how much time you are spending in the delivery of your services
  • If there something else you could be doing, but still using the knowledge and skills you have now?

All of the answers to these questions need to be answered in order to make sure that you can craft a brand strategy that will work for you and deliver the type of working lifestyle you are looking for.

Want to work on your ‘Future You’?

Inside my group programme we take the time to work out what you want. It’s important to face what Future You wants Present Day You to do now, to put the foundations in place.

If you are intrigued about how to even start to unpick this, because I recognise it’s incredibly difficult to do this work for yourself.  I’d like you to consider this:

I’ve just opened the Early Bird doors for my next cohort of my Brand Compass group programme, which starts 25th September 2023. (If you are listening or reading this after that time, just sign up to the waiting list to learn when the next cohort starts).

What is the Brand Compass™ Programme about?

The best way to think of it, is that is a business development programme with a twist. It’s a small cohort-led group over 16 weeks, and we dig into some big chunks of :

  • what makes you unique,
  • what brings you the most joy in your work life, and also
  • encourages you to think of new ways to use your knowledge to serve your ideal clients.

Of course, it’s all done through the lens of brand strategy and marketing.

I like to say that growth does not always have to be about MORE.
Sometimes it can be about being BETTER.

Have a look at the programme’s page, and I’d love to work with you if you’d like to join us.

I do like two-way conversation, so if you’d like a chat about this, absolutely fine. Let’s see if it’s right for you. I lead the programme and look after you and take you on what many participants have said is a really transformative four months. (Booking link for my diary is -> HERE. If you can’t find a slot, then I’ve closed the calls for this season).


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