EP029 – Shelley Rostlund & Liz Jostes

Knowing which freelancers are right for you

Sep 29, 2023 | Brand

Hiring your freelancers…wisely

I know your time is valuable. These show notes give you the gist of the episode, what is covered, any links or resources talked about in the show, and also gives you a few ways to listen, watch or digest this episode.

This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

We jump into the deep end on this episode and start with the elephant in the room for many marketeers or creative professionals, and that is: the chasm between the entrepreneur and the freelancer.

I wanted to bring Liz Jostes into this conversation and pick her brain because we come from a similar small agency background and type of work, and I wanted to hear her take on this.


In this episode we unpack:

  • How important it is to pick the right freelancer for the right job?
  • How do we know if a freelancer is good or not?
  • The importance of ORIGINAL content
  • The risks involved in building or creating things ONLY on rented land (i.e. social media or media that you don’t own or control)

Have a good listen and see if you learn a thing or two about the kinds of professionals who are important to look out for, to work with you. Liz and I have been around the block many times – with teams of freelancers ourselves, as well as with clients. It is important to pick the right people to work with.

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A bit more about Liz

EP029 – Shelley Rostlund & Liz Jostes

Liz is a Digital Marketing Consultant and is the co-founder of her agency Eli Rose, which provides online marketing, social ads, and content strategy for small businesses and internal teams.

Her corporate employed background, before starting her business with her friend Kristin back in 2011, was centred around consumer behaviour and buying habits, and what causes a customer to make the buying decisions they do.

Find out more about her on her website at elirose.com, and connect with her on Instagram.