[PODCAST] EP034 – Shelley Rostlund, Brand Strategist

Personal Brand – Being Comfortable to be MORE you, more of the time

Dec 8, 2023 | Brand

Be More YOU, more of the time

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This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

Humans are complex animals. We are multidimensional, imperfect beings who are really hung up on labelling themselves as ONE thing…especially when we show up for work.


Some of those labels might be:

Serious professional, Account Manager, Consultant, Qualified Practitioner, Senior Big Deal, Manager, Director and others…


In reality – this is an impossible task and one that just causes stress and a huge amount of pressure to get the perfect label…because there are a bunch of other labels you carry too as a human.


Some of those might be:

Husband / Wife/ Partner, tennis player, button collector, parent, knitter, sibling, pickle ball extraordinaire, and so on.


It’s this dilemma I cover in this episode. Hopefully after listening you will realise two things:


  • You are a magnificent human creature, AND
  • You can be MORE of yourself in your every day



In this episode I talk about:

  • What actually goes into doing proper work on your personal brand strategy (so you have context to the exercise and structure of it). I walk through the four main areas of:
    • Your purpose / why
    • Your personality
    • Your positioning (context of you, compared to others…in a good way – not the unhealthy way)
    • Your presence or how others experience you
  • A simplistic demonstration of the 3 parts to a human (which then impact how you come across to the world and feel most comfortable):
  • The benefits of doing this concentrated and reflective work on your personal brand (and how it gives you more energy to be more of yourself, more of the time)

When you take some time out to pay attention and craft what personal brand means and looks like for you – you will be empowered to naturally bake in more of yourself that you are potentially holding back on, right now, in your working environments.

Imagine if

… you didn’t have to think so hard to “get into the zone” to do whatever was in front of you to do today – because actually, you can just be YOU, unapologetically?

… you didn’t have to think so hard about what to write in that next social media post, to make sure you sounded professional, experienced and terribly strong.

… you didn’t have to shift aside those clothes you love wearing in your personal time, and dig out the sharp, professional stuff you pull on to be WORK you for that next meeting?

Wow – imagine how much energy you will save by being MORE you?

Imagine how MORE energetic and excited you could feel every time you wake up to face the day?

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