[PODCAST] EP035 – Shelley Rostlund, Brand Strategist

Offer Positioning for Subject Matter Experts

Dec 22, 2023 | Brand

Bigger problems, demand higher prices

I know your time is valuable. These show notes give you the gist of the episode, what is covered, any links or resources talked about in the show, and also gives you a few ways to listen, watch or digest this episode.


This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

This is a pretty chunky episode, so you may need to listen more than once. If you listen while you are walking or doing something else – it will help to plant the seeds. But then I’d suggest you find half an hour to sit with this episode and make notes the second time round.



In this episode I talk about:

  • The 3 service priority areas of Vision, Alignment and Execution. I describe each one of them in terms of their overarching characteristics, function,  and also examples of what the service may look like in the marketplace
  • How positioning affects pricing
  • What to do if you want to improve profitability or increase your pricing (especially in light of the advances of AI and technology, as well as the cyclical influx on new people on the market who compete with you in doing what you do).

This is a chunky episode which will be well worth the listen and will make all the difference if you think seriously about what I raise in this episode.

It may be THE difference…that makes the difference in how you market and position yourself and your solution to the world in the next 12 months. Make the time to listen and take it in.

Which service priority area are you currently in?

Which one would you rather move into?

How are you going to make the right moves to make that happen?

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