[PODCAST] EP038 – Shelley Rostlund & Imogen Jones

Solve the Right Problem for the Right People

Mar 8, 2024 | Customers

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This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

We discussed quite a few facets to this mix of marrying your ideal client, with what you do (and like doing), together with solving the real problem that your ideal client has.

Sometimes we can allow ourselves to jump straight to solving the problem that the client has self-diagnosed as the problem. However – what you may find is that you haven’t really managed to get to the heart of the root of the problem – so you’re effectively putting a plaster on a symptom.

And to help me unpack this topic, I invited Imogen Jones to join me. Imogen is a marketing strategist and is more importantly the most people person I have ever met. She is highly tuned to the detail of matching the right humans together, but also in finding out what it is exactly those humans want.



In this episode we unpack:

  • Imogen’s definition of the ‘ideal client’ and how she works this out for herself and guides others to identify for themselves.
  • The kinds of things we can watch out for – which will give us an indication that we are indeed solving the WRONG problems for our clients
  • In the flipside we also talked about what the evidence is that shows us that we are actually doing great work and solving the right kinds of problems. (This may give you motivation to move from treating client self-diagnosed problems and move to challenging them to look at the bigger problem you could solve)
  • Some of the steps you could take to iterate and shape the perfect solution or offer to your client’s problem. (How you manage to move to offering the right solution, for the right problem, for the right client).


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A bit more about Imogen Jones

EP038 – Shelley Rostlund & Imogen Jones

Imogen Jones is a marketing strategist who helps clients to gain clarity on the deep motivational needs of their ideal clients, and craft offers that REALLY solve their unbearable aches.


With 20 years-experience working in marketing and customer-focussed roles inside marketing research and healthcare businesses, today runs her own freelance consulting business.


As a strategic marketeer, Imogen is creative and intuitively empathetic to understanding the position of the customer. She is the ultimate people person.

Imogen also works on personal brand strategy and podcast management at specialist marketing agency, Harbour 32.

Find out more about Imogen on the Harbour32.co.uk website, connect with her on LinkedIn or join her on Instagram

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