[PODCAST] EP041 – Shelley Rostlund, Brand Strategist

Build Your Human Diversity into Your Personal Brand

Apr 19, 2024 | Experience

Embrace your diversity, it gives you colour

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This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

This conversation sits nicely with what I shared with you in episode 39 on the unique points of human difference. In this slice of time with you – I dig into what I call the diverse dimensions to you, which help to inform how you can share stories about yourself which bring people closer to you.

This will help you when you’re trying to think of content you can share, or even what you can build into conversations with people.


From my experience, many people hold back so much of themselves in an effort to exude a line of professionalism and in many cases it’s to the detriment of allowing any personality or human-ness to get through. This means people struggle to really “see” you or resonate with you.



In this episode I unpack:

  • What I mean by “diverse dimensions” and give you some examples for myself
  • How these can indicate what your micro branding moments are (these are non-work-related things about you that add colour and flavour to your personality)
  • How there are two brains your ideal clients or audiences have and which elements of your personal branding touch on which. (I suspect you have only been truly catering to ONE of these brains)
  • Why AI is not going to replace you

By listening to this episode, I’m hoping that you will realise that building your human diversity into the heart of how you want to shape your personal brand is what is going to make the biggest impact longer term and help to set you apart when the robots come for you. (Kidding…but not kidding)

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