[PODCAST] EP043 – Shelley Rostlund & Izabela Russell

The Artificial Intelligence Butterfly Effect

May 24, 2024 | Brand

We’re on the precipice of change

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This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

We discuss how Artificial Intelligence is fundamentally changing the ground beneath our feet.

To help me unpack this topic, I invited my friend, Izabela Russell, to come and chat to me about it. She is the CEO of Music Radio Creative who are the audio partners for my marketing agency Harbour 32 and they support us with our podcast clients.

Izabela is an incredibly smart, tenacious and curious lady. I really look up to her and her husband and the work that they do. They have intentionally immersed themselves into what AI can really do, what they should be aware of from a business risk perspective and put a plan in place to make the changes needed to mitigate what’s coming and also grab opportunities which are arising.



In this episode we unpack:

  • What Izabela realised about the future of voice talent for her industry
  • What we think this will mean for anyone who is trying to get into some kind of service business related industry in the future (when the space for “learning and figuring it out” has closed with AI tools)
  • Some examples of how AI is used to clone voices and what that looks like in terms of opportunities, but also what it means for the voice artists
  • The tester podcast show which Izabela’s husband Mike set-up to test if they could create and product a podcast show purely with AI (see links to check this out below)
  • Izabela’s two tips for us to cling to:
    • Ensure that whatever you create is ‘commercially safe’ (she explains in the episode what she means by this.) Hint – there are AI tools that are producing output that you may be using that isn’t commercially safe (you could be pursed for copyright in years to come)
    • Pull together an AI Manifesto. MRC have got one (see below for link). This is where you put in writing how you use AI in your business, and also, how your freelancers, team or contractors also use AI. Be open about your stance about AI and the ethics around it.

Honestly, this episode will really make you think about paying more attention to what’s going on right now and what’s coming. The world is about to get very messy and you need to get your head around what you think about some very specific things.

We all have a duty to be responsible about the new technology which is going to be far more disruptive to the world than what the internet or social media. After talking to Izabela – I’d go so far as to say that AI is really the biggest evolution since ELECTRICITY.


Quick ref to resources or links we mention

EP043 - Ai News Today (inset)

Izabela mentioned how important it is for us all to think about putting together an AI Manifesto, and she shared that Music Radio Creative have one on their website which we can all have a look at, to see an example.

You can find that here: Music Radio Creative’s Responsible AI Manifesto.

Mike’s completely AI generated and produced podcast show experiment is called: AI News Today. You can find the two AI related podcast shows MRC do here.

EP043 - Audio Unicorn (inset)

Izabela has her own podcast show where she talks all about podcasting for businesses. It is called Audio Unicorn. You can find it on Apple podcasts, Spotify and anywhere you listen to your podcasts.


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A bit more about Izabela Russell

EP043 – Shelley Rostlund & Izabela RussellIzabela Russell is the CEO of Music Radio Creative (MRC), a family-owned full-service audio agency and the largest professional voice-over agency in the world.


Izabela’s highly talented audio specialist husband Mike, an Adobe Certified Expert, founded the business in 2004 after a career in radio. Since then, MRC have been at the forefront of professional audio in the UK, and around the world.


They have 180+ professional voice-over artists they work with to support and deliver on their client’s needs globally.


Their clients range from big brands like Warner Bros, the World Health Organization, FBI, the BBC, as well as thousands of smaller businesses and solopreneurs. They work with businesses, podcasters, radio stations, DJ labels, movie production houses, advertisers, and more.


Find out more about her and Music Radio Creative on their website at musicradiocreative.com, connect with her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

You can also watch Mike’s audio videos on YouTube or join the MRC community on Instagram.