[PODCAST] EP044 – Shelley Rostlund, Brand Strategist

Put the Human Experience At The Heart of What You Do

Jun 7, 2024 | Experience

Bake in memorable moments

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This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

There are four threads in my brain that brought this episode to you. This is how my brain works – it kind of like a heat-seeking missile that zeroes in on seemingly unrelated points and then works to connect them if there is a pattern and message in there!


And ta da…hopefully this is a goodie for you.



In this episode I:

  • Explain the four threads that brought this episode to you
  • Lay down some foundational statements about experiences and what ‘memorable’ is and what the greatest gift is that you can give humans
  • Remind you what my definition is of Brand Experience, and specifically personal brand experience (in light of subject matter experts)
  • Will Guidara’s ‘Unreasonable Hospitality’ concept and my takeaway from it for you – as a subject matter expert (see below for more on that that you can do away and dig into)
  • The importance of “codifying” your brand experience (to ensure that it is sustainable and endures) – see tips below I refer to the episode
  • The invisible and visible touchpoints you can think about (using inspiration from my fellow Brand Strategist friend, Matt Clutterham)


When was the last time you were intentionally present for your clients and really heard and saw them as they are in the moment?

How different would our world be if we all did this just a little bit more than yesterday?

I feel like we would end up with kinder people, doing good things for others and a society that flourishes by looking after each other and encouraging their fellow humans.

You can start by being the subject matter expert that is also making the human experience at the heart of what you do.

You can book a private conversation with me on Calendly here.


5 Steps to Start Codifying your Brand Experience

In the episode I said that I’d pop this here for you. Here are the five steps I suggest you focus on, to make a start on “codifying” your brand experience.

When my team and I do this work with clients, we do these five high level things:

1.     We identify the most important experience traits. These are the specific things you want people to feel when you work with them.

2.     Next, we map out all the touch points you can possibly have in attracting, gaining and retaining your clients. (Use our 7 Stages of the Customer’s Marketing Journey as a helpful guide)

3.     Then we do an audit to see what you are already doing at each of the touch points to embed the experience traits. (Hint: we figure out that there is no consistency, or nothing physically happening to embed these traits.)

4.     We create a dream map of what we really would love the experience to look like, end-to-end, with the experience traits securely embedded in the journey.

5.     Last step is pulling together a realistic and sustainable experience journey that you can actually implement and keep going.

Honestly, after fully embracing doing this exercise, you will be completely re-energised and focussed on making your clients feel great. I know you do already – but this is next level stuff. This is the stuff of champions.

Resources or people mentioned in this episode

Will Guidara is a restaurateur based in New York who owns Eleven Madison Park.

  • Here’s his book on Amazon:

“Unreasonable Hospitality: The Remarkable Power of Giving People More than They Expect.”

  • Here’s the episode on Simon’s podcast show ‘A Bit of Optimism’:

Unreasonable Hospitality with Will Guidara.”


Matt Clutterham is a brand strategist that comes from a very unusual background in lighting. He runs a superb brand consultancy business with his business partner Jenny Jarvis.

Find out more about what he and Jenny do on their website: qbranch.consulting or follow him on LinkedIn.


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