EP045 – Shelley Rostlund & Jackie Goddard

Crafting a talk in YOUR voice, which moves an audience

Jun 21, 2024 | Brand

Speaking to an audience is not just about confidence

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This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

In Episode 33 (Get Uncomfortable. Grab The Opportunity To Speak More In Public) Jackie came on and we talked a tiny bit about me preparing at that point to start working with her on my talk that was coming up in a few months.

(In that episode we talked about how you could add speaking into your mix of things you do, to be more visible or to get your voice out there more.)

Now that I have actually finished working with Jackie and it culminated in a really successful delivery of my talk for the event (You Are The Media’s Creator Day 2024), I’ve brought Jackie back on to regroup.

I wanted you to get an insight into what actually goes into working with a Speaking Coach or Trainer – in case you haven’t yet and you are curious about it.


In this episode we unpack:

  • The high-level steps Jackie walks her clients through:
    • Establishing how the client feels about speaking in general (to gauge how she will deliver her coaching)
    • Gaining clarity about what the client has been asked to do (so if it’s a talk or a presentation – what’s the overall objective and who the audience is)
    • Get the client to articulate the overall message they want to get across to the audience (and why they are the ones to share that message)
    • Look at what would make the audience sit up and listen and pay attention
    • Pull the stories and lessons the client could use inside their talk
    • One-to-one working together on making sure the talk is linking stories to the overall message and objective of the opportunity.
    • Selecting images or props that will enhance the message and relatability of the talk’s content
    • Then…practice, practice, practice (Jackie observes and guides you through)
    • Creating habits for warming up your voice and relaxing your body so you can deliver with ease
  • The importance of the content and being brave about the stories that you could and should share (however they need to come from a place of honing the message you want to get across and not be egotistical)
  • Shaping the ‘performance’ of how you will be in front of your audience (Jackie has experience of being a producer and director and she uses this to help to gently guide you through the physicality of being on stage, or in front of your audience)
  • I share how I felt through the process and what my experience of it. I learnt a lot about myself in the process as well.

Honestly, this isn’t a once and done exercise. While I will remember the process, to repeat it – what I will still want Jackie for in future – is to work on the content with me. I found her observations and insight really helpful in making me feel confident in my choices of stories to tell or even in images to use.

Her calming voice was also in my head as I waited in the wings before going on to the stage.


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A bit more about Jackie Goddard

EP045 - Guest Jackie Goddard. Speaking coach and trainerJackie Goddard who is Speaking Trainer and Coach who helps business owners, leaders and authors to gain confidence delivering paid talks to share their knowledge and leverage their authority in their space.


She is on a mission to empower yearning speakers to get excited about sharing their ideas, stories and life lessons.


She teaches her clients how to craft engaging talks, use their voice and breath better and sharpen their overall performance skills.


Jackie has over 25 years of experience working in and around the performing arts as an actor, director, producer, and teacher, facilitating acting and voice workshops.


Find out more about her one-to-one work, masterminds and group programmes on her website at powertospeak.co.uk or connect with her on LinkedIn.