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Vocal Archetypes Superpower Effective Communication

Jul 5, 2024 | Experience

Your voice is an instrument

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This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

I decided to do this topic for this episode, because of a recent experience I had going to a big conference.

There were two distinctly different speakers who I had completely opposite experiences of.

I was reminded about how powerful the awareness is of this work that I get into in this episode – especially for speakers up on a stage, but also for you and me in our daily communication.

On of the speakers completely filled me up on how fantastic they were, and the other one just fell completely flat. (Obviously that could also just be me – but I think some of what we go into in this episode did have an impact on me enjoying that particular speaker.)



In this episode I:

  • Introduce you to Vinh Giang who teaches communication skills and who I love following on this topic. (More on him below for you)
  • Remind you that the deep knowledge you are curating and storing in that fabulous brain of yours is GOLD DUST.
  • Support Vinh’s assertion that your voice is an instrument (think of a piano keyboard – are you using all 88 of your keys?)
  • The core foundations to effective communication (which I learnt from Vinh). I explain them for you, so you’ll understand the characteristics of the archetypes
    • Rate of speech
    • Volume
    • Pitch and melody
    • Tonality
    • Pausing
  • The four vocal archetypes I want you to be aware of and learn about. You need to be flexing your style of communication clearly between these. I detail them and also the characteristics and goals of each archetype:


Through the episode I invite you to try and think of speakers you have seen or been in the room with in the past and see if you think they are using any of the four archetypes well, and if you think they are utilising the core foundations well.

HINT: the people you are most drawn to, are more than likely doing well with mixing between the archetypes and leveraging the core foundations to be really effective in getting their message across.

Ultimately the idea is to not have ONE default vocal archetype, but to rather know when you should move between them, to be the most effective communicator.

(Sometimes you may find that you can move between archetypes within a space of 3 to 5mins – it’s highly dependent on the kind of consultancy or delivery work that you are doing.)

Remember this is also relevant for content creation to help support marketing yourself, your proposition and showcasing how good you are in communicating your knowledge to an audience.

Resources or people mentioned in this episode

Vinh Giang is the communication skills trainer and speaker that I talk about in this episode. You can find him online here:

  • Website
  • Instagram
  • YouTube (honestly watch him – even if for the brilliant video editing and transitions that are totally engaging!)

The podcast episode I’d suggest for you to listen to, to really get to hear him in action is the one that he did on The Futur:


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