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Growth can mean BETTER, and not necessarily MORE

Aug 18, 2023 |

How do we move from frustration to freedom?

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In this pod bite episode, I dig into…

A conversation thread which will hopefully give you something to think about if you are feeling quite excited about changing how you are doing what you do, but aren’t quite sure HOW to change your current ‘way’.

When’s the last time you recalibrated whether you are working towards a True North that accurately reflects TODAY YOU?



I’ve worked with over 160 different micro businesses over my consulting career – every one of them, got to this point of frustration of just want things to be better and being stuck in seeing HOW. (Sound familiar?)

This doesn’t mean they were unhappy with the work they were doing – they just wanted something to shift, to give them more wiggle room for, well, LIFE to happen as well.

How do we move from frustration to freedom?

I haven’t got the secret answer, but I have been around this particular block a few times myself and with clients. In fact I’m navigating one for myself right now in my agency business.

Sometimes you can find inspiration and answers to challenges by stretching your thinking outside of your normal box, and look to industries or fields, which are completely unrelated to you and what you do.

Join me in this episode to hear more.


My prompt for you in this pod bite:

Take a lovely notebook and pen (not a laptop). Your brain works better moving a pen across the page.

Block out one hour, that’s all, and find somewhere cosy and different with no interruptions where you can jot down everything that’s playing out now in your head – after listening to this podbite.

Work on answering these two questions:

  1. What is it about your work you are doing which is still exciting and interesting for you? (Where does your time just disappear)
  2. If you could do something differently and anything was possible (ignoring price and cost) – what would that look like and be?

On that note, I’ll leave you there.

Want help in unpicking this more?

One of my magical superpowers is seeing into your genius, bringing it out on the table to show you and then working with you to shape how you want to do things going forward.

I’m going to be cheeky and let you know that I still have some Early Bird seats left on my next cohort for my group programme, if that would be of interest.

What do we do in the programme? Well, in a nutshell you’ll take the time to temperature check who you are right now, compared to the ‘you’ that started your business.

And then I show you how to mindfully articulate what you want going forward.

That’s when the work begins and we bring that back into your business to model it to give you more of what you want, and less of what you don’t.

Curious? I’ve love it if you’d consider working with me and a cohort of your peers. Find all the information here, and select a time to chat with me directly to see if this is right for you, where you are in your journey right now. (These private Q&A calls are only opened up in the lead up to a programme’s cohort term date start).


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