[PODCAST] EP028 – Shelley Rostlund

Proficient Expert or Thought-leading Visionary

Sep 15, 2023 | Brand

Proficient, or thought-leading. Which are you?

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This episode’s topic, in a nutshell…

Over a period of time, my feeling is that there is a top tier of around 20 to 25% of subject matter experts who develop a higher ability to look at things on a much larger, macro level and they can almost perceptively feel the winds of change.

In simple terms, they not only:

… deeply know their topic or subject,

… can meet their client where they are in their journey and

… give them a solution to better their condition or position,

But…they can also do something else.

They have the ability to see where things might be potentially going in the industry or market place the client is operating in, not to mention within the context of perhaps society and the world in general.

They can almost extrapolate their thinking between space and time. That sounds cool right?


In this episode I talk about:

  • How proficient subject matter experts are operating on bluetooth technology, while thought leaders are working on mobile networks.
  • A metaphoric thought leader’s toolbox and the 5 items I think are inside:
    • Sponge – a beginner’s mindset for learning
    • Swiss Army Knife – great communication skills
    • Thermometer – human temperature check
    • Radar – spot trends and predict big things coming
    • Fire Blanket – ability to handle a crisis

You’ll hear me explain what all that means and symbolise in the full episode.

I also invite you to narrowing your focus on to your level of thinking. This really what distinguishes us from others. How we cognitively absorb information, dissect it, seek connectivity, challenge beliefs, and craft paths or solutions for clients…is what ultimately makes us unique.

For your prospective clients though – it’s not enough for you to know you’re unique. You need to work on how you articulate what your gifts are and then work hard to demonstrate this outwardly for others to experience.

Quick ref to resources or links we mention

In this episode I refer to a few things: [PODCAST] EP028 – Drew Davis


Drew Davis

One of my favourite thought-leading visionaries. He is a keynote speaker and specialises in customer loyalty. He’s just fabulous.

Here’s his website: https://www.akadrewdavis.com/





Mindy Gibbons-Klein [PODCAST] EP028 – Mindy Gibbons Klein

Mindy is a speaker and author and Thought Leadership Strategist. She has a gentle yet impactful way about her. She’s one of the few people I know who has stayed in her lane for decades. She has deep, deep knowledge and is – thought-leading.

Here’s her website: https://mindygk.com/


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