Who am I

The Back Story

Who am I

The Back Story

I'm a sun-loving South African

I was born a few decades ago, in Johannesburg.

I grew up in a tricky time in my country. People were not great to each other.

I was a diligent kid. Academically sound and concrete leader material.

I didn't, however, enjoy competitiveness. I wasn't convinced in the price paid to be the best. It felt fleetingly short-term and subjective.

I remember when Apartheid was lifted and Mandela was freed - like others remember the 1st moon landing.

Shelley at 9mths

Africa will always be in my blood.

After completing my B.Com (Eco) Hons degree, I moved to the UK. I just decided that was that.

This is when I learnt how very important shared history is, living in a strange country with no-one that really KNEW me.

I also learnt that my brain worked differently to others.

I'm not happy accepting the status quo.

I ask WHY...a lot. Especially when there seems to be a glaring gap on SENSE.

Today I understand myself better and realise that I'm hardwired to think critically and in 'systems'.

(Oh, and my favourite animal is the beautifully majestic African elephant.)

A knowledge worker

Being a learning sponge has stayed with me, to this day.

I am curious and see interconnectivity where others don't.

I thrive on spurring hybrid cross-industry ideas that light up heads, hearts and minds.

I have learnt how to shape intangible knowledge and expertise into tangible products that can be marketed.

I can't read a book without taking notes. I think authors are SO smart.

I'm a visual thinker, I have to draw out loud in order to make sense of things and "see" how things work.

The only thing that seems to unwind my busy brain is birdsong or ocean sounds.

Overachieving Mom & Wife

I travelled around the USA for two months, visiting 43 states.

I met my Swedish husband in an Ozzie bar in Vienna.

I am an amateur writer. Have been since I was 14.

I have a daughter and a fur baby Cavachon. I am NEVER alone.

My favourite Friends character is Ross. Comic genius.

My favourite movie of all time is Dirty Dancing. It just is.

My favourite birthday treat meal when I was a kid was Spaghetti Bolognese. Today it's probably smashed avo on toast (with feta).

Working with me is serious.

I'm not a Yes-girl. I'm here to pull you in line to create a momentum-building brand machine.

I won't let you off the hook. I will question things. Even 'those' things that you secretly don't want to let go of.

We'll have fun doing it - I promise. However, my responsibility is to shape and support you to get you earning, growing and closer to your vision.

I’m the proactive business partner you’ve been looking for.

The planet desperately needs more peacemakers, healers, restorers, educators and storytellers of all kinds. My hope is that I can help more of them to stand out, be understood and ignite their contribution to the world.

My views on brand, marketing, customer experience
& business are influenced by...

#1 B.Com (Eco) Honours Degree

#2  Diploma in Digital Marketing

#3 NLP Practitioner Certificate

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