let's work together

let's work together

I’d love to work with you

My goal is to support you in building a brand that you love and will grow with the momentum and (good-natured) force of a herd of elephants.

I apply critical thinking to my brand building framework to ensure that this is THE most powerful work you will ever do.

I've developed three clear routes on how to work with me. You will definitely find something to suit you, your style of learning and, of course, your budget.

Select the best way that you would like to work with me from the options below.

Let's get to work

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Shelley Rostlund, Brand Strategist | Masteclasses

What is a Masterclass?

These are short, sharp workshops that drill down on very specific branding and/or digital marketing strategy concepts. They are slices (if you like) from the bigger cake of the work I do in my group programme and intensive 1-2-1 consultancy work.

IDEAL FOR: New-to-business entrepreneurs, seeking quick learning in a short space of time.

Group Programme - The Brand Compass

What is the Group Programme?

This is my signature 16-week intensive programme where you work with me and share the journey with other like-minded entrepreneurs building their brands. It's a step-by-step approach to crafting your brand strategy as well as a range of vital business assets to ease delegation and spur your growth.

IDEAL FOR: Micro-entrepreneurs ready to sharpen their offer, build a product eco-system and to help scale healthy growth.

Shelley Rostlund, Brand Strategist | Consultancy

What does consultancy look like?

You and I work together, one-on-one. I only work with a few clients each year in this capacity. The work we do together is in-depth, personalised and ground breaking. Together we bring out your genius and set your brand system up for success.

IDEAL FOR: Entrepreneurs who are experiencing high interest in their brand, want to scale faster and would value my full attention.

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